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Our Philosophy

Using The Techniques of Improv To Promote Communication, Teamwork, and Humor

We feel that the most effective way to convey information is to get people:

Out Of Their Chairs

When you are up and moving, you are actively participating, instead of just watching.

You are more focused and connected to what is going on.

You have to interact with others.

Out Of Their Heads

We focus on being "in the moment," where there is less time to focus on internal dialog, daily cares, and stressors.

Real communication and confidence comes when your focus becomes "external:" actively supporting someone/something outside yourself.


We create a silly, yet respectful atmosphere that gives people permission to step out of their comfort zone without fear of making mistakes or rejection.

Mistakes are celebrated as "gifts" because they often introduce new ideas and perspectives.

For more information or to explore an opportunity, please contact us at  

What We Provide

  • Workshops
    • "Know How"
    • - Pre-conference
    •   warm ups
    • - Teamwork workshops
    • - Custom workshops
  • Instruction
    • On/Off-site classes
    • Improves
    • - thinking on feet
    • - assertiveness
    • - confidence
  • Performances
    • Entertainment for
    • - Private Shows
    • - Holiday Parties
    • - Fund Raising
  • Invention
    • Beyond Borders
    • - Unique Ideas
    • - Bold Moves
    • - Out Of the Box Think